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Wedge double disc gate valve

 Standard: ASME B16.34 or GB12224

Main part material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel


Specification: nominal diameter: 2"-24"

                         nominal pressure: 150lb-600lb
Temperature range: carbon steel: ≤425℃ alloy steel: ≤595℃ stainless steel: ≤540℃


1. It is widely used in high temperature working system;

2. The inner cavity is adopted with bolt connecting flange form;

3. Metal winding flexible graphite gasket is used to seal in the inner cavity;

4. It is adopted with dual rotation prevention structure—the anti-rotating plate and the guide groove on the support make of the main anti-rotator; the gate and the body guide bar make of the secondary anti-rotator. When the system works smoothly, the main anti-rotating structure play a role to prevent the rod from rotating;

5. Valve gate is divided into 2 pieces, well preventing the seal surface of gate from getting choked with seal surface of seat;

6. Some welding lips remain on the middle flange part. When leakage happens in the inner cavity when the system works, field welding can be adopted without media exposure;

7. The valve seat is welded to the body and the sealing surface is over-lay welded with hard Co alloy or Cr13 alloy;

8. Mode of operation: hand wheel, gear transmission, electric.




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