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DTBM-G series API6A Duplex Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Technical parameters/ specification:

Design Standard: API6A

Connection Style: API6A

Structure Length: API6A

Inspection and Test: API6A

Size Range: 1-13/16" ~ 11"

Pressure: 2000psi ~ 20000psi

Temperature: -60℃ ~ +121℃

Specification: PSL1 ~ PSL3/3G

Performance: PR1, PR2

Operation: Gear box

Optional Operation: manual control

Structure features: 

◇ 3pc、forged carbon steel、duplex ball、fixed ball、soft seal/metal seal.

◇ A valve is equipped with two ball, can swith at the same time ,also can open one of them and close another, replaced the traditional pipeline core complex form of valve series, reduce the numbers of leak point ,save a space.

◇ Fire safe design(API607/API16FA)、anti-static.

◇Blowout-proof stem.

◇ Cavity pressure self relief: When cavity pressure is higher than seat spring and line pressure, the self-relieving action allows the valve seat to move slightly away from the ball surface, Automatic pressure release.

◇ When the valve installed spring floating seat is full open or full closed, both sides of the ball can prevent the fluid ,the pressure within the body cavity can be released through the drain plug.

◇ When the sealing materials are damaged or decomposed by fire or other accidental causes, the seat and stem leakage can be prevented by the injection of sealant into these fittings.

◇ The work of the valve ,the pressure in front of the valve react on  ball surface all transferred to the bearing, the valve seat pressure would be not overload, which makes the valve torque is small, the seat deformation is small, stable sealing performance ,long service life.

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